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Optimum Performance: Hamstring Injuries Nothing To Take Lightly

NFL players have reported to training camp, and the 2013 football season will soon be upon us, but as inevitable as a standout rookie, so are sports-related injuries. One injury in particular has time and time again kept players off the field, and often for extended periods of time. I’m, of course, referring to the hamstring injury, which has become one of the more feared injuries among professional athletes today.

The hamstring, located on the backside of the leg, is made up of three synergistic -- parts working together -- muscles that create movement by causing an individual to extend the hip and flex the knee. Acting as a decelerator, the hamstring is often ignored in sports, leading to an injury that can be both mentally and physically challenging for an athlete to endure.

Optimum Performance: Inflammation more than just aching joints

With NFL training camps now in full swing, those aches and pains the NFL players experience from daily participation in the collision sport of pro football will soon start to mount up. The common denominator these gridiron gladiators face during the NFL season, as well as, their respective careers is inflammation.

Inflammation is a normal physiological reaction to a bodily insult, and it is necessary for our survival. The Oxford Dictionary defines inflammation as a localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection. When inflammation gets out of control, it can have a negative effect on our immune system, such as the case with certain forms of arthritis.

Optimum Performance: Hydration all the more important during summer months
Written by Mackie Shilstone   

Now that summer is officially upon us, we Louisianans can usually expect heat waves that

will last until fall. Parents of young athletes, let me ask you a question: Are your children protected from the heat when on the field? I've already discussed the dangers the sun can bring in regards to skin protection, but let's evaluate its effects from an internal standpoint.

Optimum Performance: Sleep for your life
Written by Mackie Shilstone   

"I'm tired." You hear people say it all the time (my oldest son for example), but what is the route behind this tiredness? Often, it is a consequence of lack of sleep.

I've spoken about the significance that sleep plays in bodily function previously, but a recent article published in The New York Times has gone even further to say that lack of sleep can shorten life expectancy--a scary thought considering how many millions of individuals are not getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night, according to research.

Optimum Performance: NFL linemen and the fat epidemic
Written by Mackie Shilstone   

If you watch football, whether it's high school, college or the NFL, you've no doubt been witness to behemoths. I'm, of course, talking about linemen, who at a glance are an undeniable presence.

Does this girth translate to better physicality? One might argue that the size of the lineman is what guarantees a successful play, but I'll go ahead and side with All-Pro guard Jerry Kramer who said, "leverage and positioning will whip the fat guy every time."

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