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Woman and Child Services is one of the most highly honored facilities of its kind in the state. For one, East Jefferson General Hospital is one of the few hospitals in Louisiana to have been awarded the Guided Infant Feeding Techniques Certification (GIFT) by the Louisiana Maternal & Child Health Coalition. In addition, Woman and Child Services is staffed with a number of nurses and staff who have completed additional training and have received accolades for their outstanding service.

Our Highly Qualified staff has received the following:


International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator

Limited 3rd Trimester Obstetric Ultrasound Certification

Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification

NCC Maternal Newborn Nursing Certification

NCC Low Risk Neonatal Nursing Certification

NCC In-Patient Obsterics Certification


Louisiana's Great 100 Nurses

EJGH's Great 38 Nurses

EJGH's Great 36 Nurses

EJGH Team Member of the Month 2000

EJGH Team Member of the Month 2007


I would recommend EJGH 110% for anyone having a baby. Everyone was very thorough and helpful. My doctors checked on us regularly, and the nurses were really wonderful. Anything I needed, whether it was a fresh towel or medicine or help with the baby in the middle of the night, they were there.


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