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Disease Management Classes

For more information about the disease management programs, contact the Wellness Center at (504) 503-6868. You must have a physician referral to participate.

Fybromyalgia Aquatics Program

This specialty class is designed to improve muscle tone, endurance, and flexibility. Class is done in slow controlled movements along with gentle stretches for the tender points.

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Aquatics Program

This program is designed to address the special needs of individuals who have physical limitations as a result of their disease. This program is conducted in a temperature controlled pool (84 degrees) to help promote flexibility, strength, and endurance, as well as, prevent fatigue.

Joint Wellness Program

The program is available for individuals who have recently completed the physical rehabilitation process following joint replacement surgery. Intended to ensure independence and proper function of the joint. Exercises performed are specific to continually improve strength, balance, stability and flexibility of the replaced joint.

Living Well With Cancer Program

Live Well with cancer is a disease management program built around YOU. Recent studies suggest that regular exercise and appropriate nutrition during and after treatment can have a profoundly positive eff ect on your recovery. This program is designed to fit your needs at every phase of your cancer journey, from diagnosis to survivorship. This unique program combines individualized care, exercise and nutrition as well as support from other cancer patients and survivors.

You will train in small groups with a health fi tness instructor and will have access to our other staff members who can provide assistance and education to address your wellness needs. Our goal is to help you live a healthy, happy life.

Program is $59 and meets three days per week for 6 weeks.

  • Meet with your fi tness instructor on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30 to 11:30am at the Wellness Center.
  • On Fridays, a family member or friend can join you for no extra charge for activities such as yoga, meditation, massage and a nutrition class. Friday classes are from 10:30 to 11:45am and are located at the Wellness Center at 3726 Houma Boulevard.

Live Well with Parkinson's 

Participation in this group exercise program addresses the signs and symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease such as shuffled gait, stooped posture, slowness and hesitance with movement, muscle tightness, and respiratory difficulties. The program promotes exercises intended to help with balance and stability, functional strength, postural awareness, flexibility, facial mobility, and cardiovascular endurance. Class is included in a Wellness Center Disease Management membership of $50 per month. Non-member fee is $10 a day.

Groovin' with Parkinson's 

Difficulties with gait and balance are common among individuals with Parkinson’s disease, contributing to an increased incidence of falls. As a result, activities of daily living are significantly reduced and quality of life begins to diminish. The positive effects of dancing on the physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease have been receiving worldwide attention and latest research supports the inclusion of dance movement therapy as an effective alternative to traditional exercise. It is widely recognized that those with Parkinson’s, as well as their caretakers, are in need of a highly social and joyful activity unrelated to therapy - away from clinics, hospitals and therapists’ offices.  Not only has dancing shown to combat depression, but it is the first and foremost stimulating mental activity, connecting the mind to the body and targeting the recommended components of a Parkinson’s-specific exercise program. Our Groovin’ for Parkinson’s class includes a variety of dance forms and is designed to be enjoyable and engaging for all - no matter what your fitness level may be. Class is included in a Wellness Center Disease Management membership of $50 per month. Non-member fee is $10 a day.

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