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Nate Singleton Speed & Strength Academy

A sport-specific program designed to enhance your speed, quickness & agility.

Question: What one physical fundamental of any game will put you in a position to do everything else better?

Answer: Moving Faster!

Running properly is the most neglected fundamental in all the sports. Like any other fundamental, Speed and Quickness can be improved.

The main reason some athletes do not run as fast as they should is their attitude toward running fast. It's not a bad attitude, rather mostly one of "either you're fast or you're not". Wrong - There are fundamentals to proper running just like any athletic skill (i.e. - hitting, throwing, catching, etc.) And these fundamentals can be learned.

By focusing on these fundamentals, we will show how all of the components come together to make a faster, quicker athlete. Special emphasis will be placed on the distances which are sport-specific. These sport-specific distances are generally used to test speed and are also the basics needed in the all-important phases of the Warm-up and the Cool-down.

In addition, detailed discussions will be held on the roles of proper nutrition and rest in regard to improving athletic performance and overall health.

In conjunction with these objectives, work will be done in the area of sport-specific applications - for example:

  • Football - Position by position applications.
  • Baseball & Softball - Home to first, steal moves, tag-ups, rounding bases, defensive reactions.
  • Basketball, Soccer, etc. - Acceleration, change of direction, maintaining a high level of speed and quickness over an extended length of time.
  • Track and Field - Event by event applications

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Location & Hours

The Fitness Principle is conveniently located in the EJGH Wellness Center, 3726 Houma Blvd., at the corner of Kawanee Avenue and Houma Boulevard, close to EJGH’s main campus.

Metairie, LA 70006
Phone: (504) 503-6868
Fax: (504) 503-6800

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