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Well beyond Metairie and New Orleans, all of Southeastern Louisiana and the coast of Mississippi turn to East Jefferson General Hospital for comprehensive, compassionate and clinically advanced cardiac care possible. Whether your needs arise from a catastrophic event such as a heart attack or stroke, progressive procedures to address your blockage, aneurysm or atrial fibrillation, or require the long-term medical supervision of progressive heart disease, our experts are expert at making and keeping you well.

Emergency Cardiac Procedures

From our fleet of ambulances and EMT's who provide life-saving care in the field through our Emergency Department, which boasts more board certified emergency physicians than any ER in the region, your emergent cardiac care needs are met by experienced professionals who have been recognized by independent rating services as the best in our market. Our "door to balloon time" which is the amount of time from our arrival until the patient's heart blockage has been opened, is among the fastest in the South. These and other measurable are how we know we are delivering the highest levels of care possible.

Progressive Procedures

Dr. James McKinnie, a board certified cardiologist/electrophysiologist, is now performing CryoCath at East Jefferson General Hospital. This innovative procedure may be the most effective treatment yet for atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat. In the past, those with a-fib would be treated with medication. Those medicines were effective in roughly half the cases and they came with sometimes significant side effects. With CryoCath, Dr. McKinnie has presented not a treatment, but a true remedy.

Another breakthrough that occurred here at EJGH is the development of EKOS catheter treatment for Pulmonary Embolisms by cardiovascular thoracic surgeon, Dr. Tod Engelhardt. He knew that patients sometimes died from PE because the clot busting drug, TPA, could not get to the clot fast enough through traditional intravenous methods. In one desperate moment, Dr. Engelhardt used a special vibrating catheter that allowed him to maneuver directly to the embolism. Once there, he could introduce TPA right at the point it was needed. The clot medication worked almost immediately and saved the patient's life. Since then, Dr. Engelhardt's new procedure has been written about in medical journals, presented in medical meetings in Europe, Asia, South America and throughout North America. Most importantly, lives have been saved that would have previously been lost. To read more about this innovative procedure, click here.

East Jefferson General Hospital, led by cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Michael Brothers and cardiac electrophysiologists Drs. James McKinnie and Zhen Jiao, has completed the 100th convergent procedure for the treatment and cure of atrial fibrillation (a-fib). EJGH has been placed in the top five in the United States for this milestone and the pioneering procedure is being performed in the Hybrid Surgical Suite, allowing for much greater surgical efficiency for the physicians and an overall better patient experience.

Heart Failure Clinic

EJGH is one of the first hospitals in the South to take this patient friendly approach to long-term cardiac care. Patients who have suffered heart failure require continuous monitoring. In the past, and at other centers, these patients must make a full doctor's appointment to get the monitoring they need. With the launch of our Heart Failure Clinic, these patients are able to receive the monitoring they need quickly and efficiently with the help of a nurse practitioner who can relay maintenance plans and updates without the patient undergoing any undue inconvenience. This has proved to be such an effective, and patient friendly, care model that other hospitals around the nation are moving in this direction.

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