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Rhythm of Life

There is a beat that sustains us all. Our hearts provide a natural rhythm of life that we often take for granted until that rhythm is interrupted. At East Jefferson General Hospital’s center for cardiology in Metairie, LA, we have teams of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, electrophysiologists, cardiac rehab therapists, cardiology techs, nurses, nutritionists, fitness experts and professionals who never take the beating heart for granted. They are dedicated to helping you maintain the rhythm of your life, whether you are from Jefferson Parish, the North Shore, New Orleans, or the surrounding River Parishes.

Cardiovascular Care at EJGH

At East Jefferson General Hospital, we have one of the region's most accomplished cardiology divisions. Our staff of cardiologists carries credentials, accomplishments and reputations for excellence that are unsurpassed. Add to that the surgeons who work from the EJGH Institute of Heart and Vascular Medicine and the fact that two of the state's few electrophysiologists work here and you begin to see an array of talent that puts EJGH well ahead of the curve in comprehensive heart care. Our efforts in preventing and treating blood disease and diseases of the heart have long been among the most advanced in the state but in the past several months, we have taken a stand as an innovator on both the national and international stages.

Breakthroughs at EJGH

In recent months, Dr. James McKinnie, who practices at EJGH, has developed CryoCath, a new procedure for those with Atrial-Fibrillation or irregular heartbeat. In the past, those with A-Fib would be treated with medication. Those medicines were effective in roughly half the cases and they came with sometimes significant side effects. With CryoCath, Dr. McKinnie has presented not a treatment, but a true remedy. Dr. Stanley Bleich, a Cardiologist and Chair of the EJGH Cardiology Board described the change in very bold terms, "In the past, we've been able to treat a-fib but this procedure is revolutionary in the sense that we can eradicate this condition, not just treat it." To read an article on CryoCath, click here.

Another breakthrough that occurred here at EJGH is the development of EKOS Catheter treatment for Pulmonary Embolisms by Dr. Tod Engelhardt. Dr. Engelhardt is a Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgeon at EJGH. As such, he knew that patients sometimes died from the emboli because the clot busting drug, TPA, could not get to the clot fast enough through traditional intravenous methods. In one desperate moment, Dr. Engelhardt used a special vibrating catheter that allowed him to maneuver directly to the embolism. Once there, he could introduce TPA right at the point it was needed. The clot medication worked almost immediately and literally saved the patient's life. Since then, Dr. Engelhardt's new procedure has been written about in medical journals, presented in medical meetings in Europe, Asia, South America and throughout North America. Most importantly, lives have been saved that would have previously been lost. To read more about this innovative procedure, click here.

Dr. Michael Brothers is a partner of Dr. Engelhardt's. Over the years, he has established a national reputation as an innovative and skilled surgeon who is always seeking better ways to perform surgeries on the heart and lungs. His attempts to accomplish higher outcomes with smaller incisions and less peripheral damage to the patient has earned him the respect of other surgeons throughout the nation. Today, he stands at the forefront of innovation even working with Dr. McKinnie on developing new techniques that can ensure the safety of the patient.

Care Goes Beyond the Walls of our Hospital

Emergency Medical Services at EJGH or EMS, have long been recognized as one of the most professional, credentialed, and effective medical response and ambulance teams in the state. They are often the first line of care when you or someone you love is suffering a heart attack, stroke or cardiac event. Among the tools at their disposal is 12-lead field EKG. This allows our EMS to send, in real time, accurate readings of your heart functions back to physicians in the Emergency Department so those doctors can coordinate your care throughout your transit to the ER door. Already, on numerous occasions, the seconds saved with this technique have saved lives. Our center for cardiology in Metairie, LA aims to provide the best possible treatment.


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