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Every day, dozens of Louisiana residents are diagnosed with various types of cancer. For most of them, that day is the most devastating day of their lives. To hear those words, "you have cancer" is a life changing event. Today, at East Jefferson General Hospital that diagnosis is not the beginning of the end, but rather, just the beginning of the fight.

It Starts With People

Our regional cancer center provides the people, treatments, resources and support to help our patients fight and win their cancer battle every day. Your care will be directed by many of the best cancer fighting doctors in the nation. Their work is reviewed by peers and by doctors at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, recognized as the nation's number one cancer fighting center. At their side stands a nursing and support staff that is second to none. EJGH is Louisiana's first 3-time Magnet Hospital for nursing excellence.

Leading Technologies

The technologies used by our cancer fighting physicians, is nothing short of remarkable. Imagine having surgery for a brain tumor and returning to work that day. It's happening at East Jefferson General Hospital, one of only a handful of hospitals in the United States to pair the Novalis Tx with the advanced Trilogy Stereotactic System. When it comes to early detection of cancer, being one of the first centers to adopt 3-D Tomographic Mammography is just one example of many where EJGH has been a leader in diagnostic accuracy and patient-centered care.

Treating the Patient as a Whole

We also recognize the so-called "softer" side of cancer care. That is why we are on the leading edge in our state of hospitals developing an entire program around integrative therapies. These therapies, such as massage, guided imagery, aromatherapy, acupuncture and more, complement your medical treatments to enhance healing.

It Really is About You

The greatest single aspect of cancer care at EJGH is our commitment to a patient-centered experience. We were the first hospital in our region to have Cancer Care Navigators. These specially trained nurses guide you through the cancer journey assisting in appointments, understanding your treatments and providing resources so you can concentrate on only one thing – getting well. We also have an entire survivorship program dedicated to ensuring that you can see the ultimate goal and how to get there. We even have cancer specific programs available at our Wellness Center designed to help you maximize your fitness and nutrition programs during and after treatment.

Our Only Goal is Your Survivorship

For everyone at EJGH, this journey is not about the cancer. It is about the patient. It is about giving you the treatment, support and personalized care you need to fight and win your cancer battle. That is why we became a member of the MD Anderson Cancer Network and that is why we provide all these services. Because our only goal is survivorship.

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