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East Jefferson General Hospital is a Member of MD Anderson Cancer Network

In 2007, East Jefferson General Hospital became the first hospital in our region to become a certified member of MD Anderson Cancer Network. With that, our certified cancer fighting doctors gain access to treatment pathways and protocols developed and used at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Metairie, LA physicians and oncologists at our medical center consult directly with colleagues in Houston. Our relationship with MD Anderson gives our patients the very best of what we do locally combined with the very latest treatments developed by the nation's leading cancer fighting center. Our relationship allows patients throughout and well beyond the Greater New Orleans area to access great cancer care without having to leave our region for treatment.

We worked hard at earning this distinction for one reason; we believe, as does MD Anderson, that you benefit greatly in your fight against cancer if you can receive the highest levels of care without having to leave your friends, family, job and support systems. To allow our patients to remain home, yet not suffer quality of care is the ultimate goal of this relationship.

Becoming, and maintaining our status as a member of the cancer network means we must continuously demonstrate that we are a leader in cancer diagnostics, outcomes, support and comprehensive cancer care. To our patients, it means we have a level of resources that no other oncology department in our region can match. It is not an exaggeration to claim that our status as a member of the MD Anderson Cancer Network has raised the bar for cancer care throughout Southeastern Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Through this relationship, EJGH is playing a direct role in MD Anderson Cancer Center's "Moon-Shot Goal" of eradicating three types of cancer in the next decade. We have joined forces with them because we believe in this goal and we know our efforts are assisting in this goal becoming a reality.

Direct Impact on Patient Care

Cancer Care Navigators – We were the first in our region to launch a navigator program. These highly trained RN's help you, and your family, navigate every aspect of your care from diagnosis to survivorship. This includes helping you organize your many appointments and treatments and helping you understand your care more thoroughly. The also assist in those rare instances when a patient has to go to Houston for care.

EJGH physicians who are directly responsible for cancer care can apply to become credentialed members of the MD Anderson Care Network. To date, EJGH has more than 50 qualified physicians in nearly a dozen cancer specific areas of specialty treating multiple types of cancers such as cancers of the breast, lung, brain, prostate, testicular, ovarian, and cancers of the blood such as leukemia.

Certified physicians take place in video-conferences with their colleagues at MD Anderson Cancer Center to discuss specific treatment options on specific cases.

Each year, concordance studies provided by MD Anderson Cancer Center updates EJGH on exactly how we are doing in comparison with ourselves, MD Anderson and other credentialed member hospitals throughout the nation in overall care and in regards to specific cancers.



MD Anderson Cancer Network

To find a physician member of the MD Anderson Cancer Network, call HealthFinder at (504) 456-5000.


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